If you are an Indian television drama lover, you might have watched the show Anupamaa. It is one of the popular shows running on ITV. or in case, if you have not watched it, you must have heard about it from the people living around you. So, it may have made you curious to know the whole story of the serial. Thus, in this article we will summarize the show for you. 

    Plot of Anupamaa Show

    Anupamaa is a famous Hindi drama series aired on Indian television in the year 2020 on July 13. The show telecasts on Disney+Hot star and on Star Plus. The show producers are Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi, they are working under the banner of Director’s Kut Production. Anupamaa is not the original show, it is a remake of Sreemoyee which is a Bengali series of Star Jalsha. The main actors of this star plus are Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey, Madalsa Sharma and Gaurav Khanna. The show’s director is Romesh Kalra and the writer of the show is Bhavna Vyas. Music of this show is composed by Dwarkesh Joshi

    This series is based on a hardworking married woman’s life. This show has a good TRP, and huge fan following around all over India because of its message, the show shows the importance of women’s empowerment. People who are fans of this show run fan accounts on social media platforms. The lead role is played by Rupali Ganguly who plays the character of Anupama in the show. She is a middle age woman who is in her 40s, she is not getting the love and care from her family which she deserves. Her husband also insults her on many occasions, not his husband but her in laws and her own children also blames and humiliates her. She decided to live her life on her own terms after her family’s behavior towards her.

    Cast of Anupamaa

    Moving forward to the cast of the Anupamaa show, the casts of the show are Rupali Ganguly, who is playing the role of Anupamaa. Shudhanshu Pandey playing as Vanraj Shah, and Madalsa Sharma as Kavya Gandhi. Anupama is the main lead of the show, who plays the role of a housewife and Vanraj is her husband who has an extra marital affair with his coworker, Kavya Gandhi. Along with them, there are many other casts on the show like, Paras Kalnawat, Parull Chaudry, Ashish Mehrotra, Gaurav Khanna and more. 

    Cast of Anupamaa
    Cast of Anupamaa

    Latest episode 

    In the latest episode of the show, (4 April, 2024) Shruti talks with Anuj Kapadia and informs him about the news of bankruptcy at Spice N Chutney restaurant. But, he could not believe this news, so he came to Yashdep Dhillon for confirmation. At the time of visiting the restaurant, he met with Anupama and they both didn’t talk and crossed paths. Additionally, Anupama showed up in the Super Chef competition. In competition, she faced several issues but she managed to compete with others into the competition and won the hearts of the judges. However, there was one more tragic incident that happened when Baapu Ji got attacked by the goons who were after Paritosh. Later on, Mr Shah found out the reason behind the attack and filed a case on Paritosh in the police station. but, somehow, he managed the situation and stopped Mr. Shah.

    Review of the Show

    This is one of the most known and most loved by viewers. It has been around 4 years of running the show and it has won various awards including each cast member for their excellent performances. As per the various reviews, people found it an inspiring show,with the performance of Anupama. But, there are also some people saying that the storyline of the show is confusing. Meanwhile, There are different reviews based on the opinions of the viewers.


    Overall, the show is a remake and each caste is playing well in their roles. The show has been loved by various Indians and many ladies have considered Anupama as their inspiration. As she has fought for her self-respect and career in the whole track of the show. Thus, we have gathered the details of the cast and latest episode of the show that may help you to catch the story and latest happening.