In today’s fast paced world, various trends come and go. The main aim of this meme material is to make people share a laugh after having a hectic day. One such trend has taken the TikTok platform by storm. This trend is taken into use to check their relationship strength as well as prank others. The trend “Sky Blue French Tip 1.5” is a nail art that has brought confusion and laughter with itself. So, here in the article we’ll dive deep into its origin and Meaning. Along with this, the article shares light on its social Impact and much more.

    When did the trend originate?

    In the Mid Summer 2022, a hilarious prank trend was surfing through the TikTok platform in fashion and entertainment category. The trend is named as “Sky Blue French Tip 1.5”. It began going viral when several users shared a video of pranking their partners and reaction of the ladies on it. This is a simple trend which everyone follows on the TikTok. It is all about answering your girl partner in this specific statement when they ask what nail extension they should do next. The answer given by the partner leaves the girls in suspense. This suspense leads to some funny incidents and reactions.  

    Why is it confusing?

    If you’ve ever got your nails done before, you might be thinking that ‘sky blue French Tip 1.5 is a bit of an odd way of making a nail design. That’s due to when you go to a salon, you might particularly shape and color, but you don’t tend to ask for a length in inches. Usually, you just represent the nail tech that you want. So ironically, even though this thing is meant to bring in-depth details of nail art, it actually does the opposite.

    Decode the Trend

    The trend or to be more specific the meme went viral due to lack of knowledge mens have when talking about nail art. The meme phrase is itself divided into three different elements. These elements are as follows: 

    • Sky Blue: A color shade. To be a more specific color of the sky without any Clouds. In the meme it is used as the color of the nail paint
    • French Tip: It is a Classic Nail design. This features a nude base alongside White tips. It gives a natural look to the nails.
    • 1.5: This numerical figure is recognized to be the length of the nail. It is measured either in Inches or in Centimeters.  

    This trend is all about trust and misconception. Providing such accurate nail art description, the boy partner sowed a seed of doubt. The girl begins to question and think that maybe the other partner has another romantic interest. As it said, Boys do not take interest in girl stuff. So, maybe they gather this particular information  from a third source. This is how the trend went on. 

    What does Sky Blue French tip 1.5 Means? 

    The Nail art trend which went viral in Summer 2022 is all about having a little fun with your partner. Decoding the phrase describes it is all about the nail color, length and design it should be. It was taken as a Joke and various memes and reaction videos were shared. The logic behind the trend was, if your partner replies with a specific nail art. Then it means they are cheating on you. This trend was mainly used by the Boy to prank their Girl partners. Furthermore it does not mean any harm or influence any relationship.

    The Viral Video and Its Impact

    The nail art meme gained a lot of attention. The partners shared a reaction video of themselves and also of their partners. These reaction videos gathered a lot of views. Slowly and Gradually, the meme gained access to the popular TikTok culture. It gave rise to gender equations and partner communication questions. Furthermore, it even inspired and gave rise to various spin off memes. It was even used in various other scenarios to increase its effect and reach.

    Does it have any Basic Themes?

    The memes are created to make other laughs. But, every meme has a societal secondary purpose also. It focuses on social issues and makes people understand about it in an easy and funny language. The social theme of this meme is as follows: 

    • Gender Classification: The Nail art trend showcases the gender stereotype. It shows that Men do not take interest in knowing the feminine things. Whether talking about Nail Art, beauty or any other issue. This is what image society has created.
    • Communication and Trust: The meme focuses on the importance of open communication. It shows how important it is to trust your partner. It also reflects the impact of miscommunication and misunderstanding.
    • Social Media and Its Influence: The viral trend showcases the way culture has been shaped. Through such a large used platform it becomes easy to share your thoughts. Also it makes it easy to gain some insight. 


    The “Sky Blue French Tip 1.5” is all about nail design and art. Normally, when nail art is done no specific length is mentioned. So, here the mention of the length makes it more suspicious. This is why it has been claimed to be a meme and prank material. This trend has captured the collective imagination and brought people together to share a laugh. The trend has for sure left a mark in the world of memes without a background logic.