Nishchay Malhan, better known online as Trigger Insan, is an Indian YouTuber who resides in Delhi. He posts amusing, witty, and roasting videos to his main channel. He live streams and games on his second channel. In this post, we will share details about Nishchay and tell you some interesting facts. We will share them with you if you are a fan of Nishchay Malhan, also known as Triggered Insaan.

    Highlights of the Nishchay Malhan

    Name Nishchay Malhan
    Profession  Youtuber, Social Media, Influencer
    Birth Place  New Delhi, India
    Date of Birth  November 14, 1995
    Age  28 year old
    Material statusUnmarried
    Girlfriend Name Not Known
    Nationality Hindu
    Father Name  Vinay Malhan
    Mother Name Dimple Malhan
    Height 6 Feet 1 inches (Approx)
    Hair ColorBlack
    Eye Color Black
    Net Worth 40 Crore Indian Rupees

    Know About Nishchay Malhan

    The YouTuber Triggered Insaan is an Indian named Nishchay Malhan, who is based in New Delhi. He became well-known for his Hindi-language roasting Video. Video games and vlogs are two of Nischay’s interests. He has the following three YouTube channels. He became well-known on his channel, Triggered Insaan. He made smart videos, funny films, and answered many internet challenges. Go to Live Insaan, his second channel, to play games and watch live streams. Nishchay Malhan’s third channel is open to short video uploads. Among the 219 most subscribed YouTube channels on Social Blade. Triggered Insaan is the 19th funniest channel.

    Nishchay Malhan aka Triggered Insaan (Photo by Pinterest)

    Nishchay Malhan Height, Weight, Appearance

    Nishchay has an attractive physique with fair complexion and dashing personality. He has a height of around 6 Feet and 2 Inches along with 70 Kgs weight. Nishchay’s eyes are considered to be black in color and hair is in black shade. Overall his personality looks smart and it is even believed that he got proposals from many girls.

    Early Life

    Triggered Insaan, also known as Nishchay Malhan, was born in Delhi, India, on November 14, 1995. He struggled academically and with melancholy during his school years, especially in the critical eleventh and twelfth grades. He demonstrated perseverance in the face of these challenges and achieved notable academic accomplishments.

    Nischay Malhan Education

    Malhan is often placed among the top students at a prominent New Delhi school. Despite challenges in high school, he succeeded academically. He earned over 80% in both his 10th and 12th board exams.

    Malhan went to the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi to finish his studies. This showed his commitment to learning more. He showed his drive and devotion to his success. He completed an engineering education. He succeeded despite obstacles like personal hardships and the pressure of tests.

    Professional Career

    He used to create videos late at night while working a second job. After he had gained around 100000 followers, he decided to Quit his job. He then carried on posting videos to YouTube, eventually rising to fame as a popular YouTuber. At first, he called his channel Yes-yes-Bhai since his given name, Nischay, means “obviously” in English. Then he dubbed it Nischay. He altered the name of his channel after realizing later that not everyone could pronounce his name correctly. He would watch another YouTuber with “Insaan” in their name. He would rapidly get annoyed with his father. This is how “Triggered” originated.

    On his channel, a game video was accompanied by criticism and mockery. He took this action since his gaming comments during a live session were warmly received by the audience. He is currently using a second channel called “Live Insaan” to webcast his live games.

    Family of Nishchay Malhan

    He was born in New Delhi into a Hindu family. Nischay Malhan father name is Vinay and mother is Dimple Malhan. Dimple makes films for her own YouTube channel, whereas Vinay is a businessman who works from 9 to 5. She usually posts recipe videos on her channel. She had never worked as a mother before, but she was motivated to start creating videos after seeing how successful her son’s YouTube account was. With two siblings, Nischay was reared. The three of them get along well and have a great time. The “Fukraa Insaan” YouTube channel is managed by his brother, Abhishek Malhan. On her “Wanderers Hub” page, his sister Prerna Malhan shares videos. As a whole, this is a true YouTube family.

    Nischay Malhan and Abhishek Malhan (Photo credits: Instagram)
    FatherVinay Malhan
    MotherDimple Malhan
    BrotherAbhishek Malhan (Fukra Insaan)
    SisterPrerna Malhan (Wanderers Hub)

    Nischay’s Social Media Account:

    X (formerly Twitter): He has 4,78,000+ followers on his X account.

    Facebook: He has 1.8 Million+ followers on his Facebook account.

    Instagram: He has 9.2 million+ followers on his Instagram account.

    Achievements & Awards of Nishchay Malhan

    YouTube awards Silver and Gold Play Buttons for achieving 100,000 and 1 million subscribers. They recognize significant milestones in the creative journey. In addition, honors like “Youtuber of the Year” and “Talk of the Town” show remarkable contributions. They also show an impact on the community.

    • YouTube creator awards for passing 100K and 1 million subscribers
    • Silver Youtube Button
    • Golden Youtube Button
    • Youtuber of the YEAR & Talk of the TOWN 
    • Roast Master of this Year
    • Google Live Winner

    Amazing Fact

    Below is the list of the various Facts about the popular Youtuber Nishchay:-

    • He recorded his debut YouTube video at a friend’s house.
    • The gamer lied to his parents, telling them he was at work, even though he had resigned.
    • Malhan has little taste for chocolate. Despite her dislike of chocolate, the famous person has a sweet appetite.
    • This famous individual joined Instagram on November 4th, 2017.
    • The person going by “Nonu” (No No) is Nischay. One of his roommates nicknamed him “Yes Yes.”
    • “Bhai,” made a joking comment. Formerly, this was the name of a well-known person’s YouTube channel.
    • Nischay is accused of copying content from well-known YouTuber CarryMinati.
    • On the other hand, supporters say Triggered Insaan is great and disagree.
    • This gamer intends to reveal his products at a later time.
    • Individuals who support Nischay call him “Trigu”.
    • As per the  YouTube analytics, his channel gets over a million views per day


    In conclusion, this blog has taken us on a journey through the life and accomplishments of Triggered Insaan. He was once known as Nishchay Malhan. It has also offered a peek into the rise of a famous YouTube star.

    Triggered Insaan’s story is a compelling, resilient, and sympathetic account of overcoming hurdles in school and carving out a successful career in online content creation. It was shown how his amazing connection to millions of people was made possible by his good looks. Also, by his timely stories and engaging gaming content.