The question arises: Who is Naa Anveshana? Is he some known politician? Or someone from the glamor world? Well, Naa Anvesh is a Travel vlogger, who has been people’s favorite due to his unique style and content. In the vast outfield of YouTube, the travel vloggers stand aside. Same is the case of Naa Anveshana. Well, His art of communication is globally appreciated. So, here in this article we will discuss the biography of  Anveshana, his career growth and much more Information.  

    Who is Naa Anveshana? 

    Naa Anveshana is a known and popular YouTube face. With the sole motive of adventure and travel, he takes his viewers to various fascinating destinations around the world. The Travel Vlogger has been appreciated and gained fame from across the world. He is  well known in Telugu YouTube community and is also praised worldwide. The travel Vlogger provides an opportunity to his viewers to get along with various cultures. He has been the face of Telugu YouTube Community. 


    Naa Anveshana is also known as Anvesh Chinni. He was born and brought up in Andhra Pradesh, India in the year 1992.  As of April 2024, he’s 31 Years Young and old. His nationality is Indian and he is a YouTuber by profession. He is also a Traveler, Storyteller and a Fitness freak.  

    Physical Appearance

    The viewers enjoy his YouTube video more because of his attractive appearance. The YouTuber stands tall with a height of 5 Feet 10 Inches. He Weighs approximately 70 Kgs and has Black Hair and Black captivating eyes. He is well groomed and has an elegant sense of style.  

    Early Life

    Naa Anveshana belongs from Bheemili, Andhra Pradesh, India. Well, he has spent most of his childhood in Mumbai itself. Soon after completing his academic studies,  he decided to pursue YouTube content creation as a career choice. His first youtube video was a blueprint for his future as a content creator.  


    Naa Anveshana has completed his Primary and Higher Studies from Mumbai. Just after his Graduation, he started to strive to become a YouTuber. 


    Naa Anveshana started his Career as a YouTuber. He created his own channel back in 2016. From then his stardom began. He introduces himself as a travel blogger and till date has covered more than 50 places. The viewers can virtually travel to these places and have an experience of a variety of cultures. Along with travel blogging he also has appeared in various Music Videos. He even created a song “Anveshana Naa Song”.  But these traveling videos are what made him a famous and known personality. His YouTube videos always provide an insight into local culture, food and tradition. He also covers adventurous outings such as hiking, camping and surfing


    Who is Naa Anveshana? Well, the travel Vlogger Naa Anveshana is a very private person. He loves to travel and showcase different traditions. But when it comes to personal life, he is a very closed person. Anveshana has never disclosed any information regarding his family. He has never mentioned any information about his parents in any public gathering. But, the only information available is that he is a married man and also has a son. But, again there is no information about his wife and child available on the Internet. Seems like he loves to keep his family away from the media limelight. This shows that Anveshana is a closed person when it comes to personal life. 

    Net Worth

    The YouTube handle of Anveshana is the main source of Income. It is a revenue generation platform for him. Well, the main source of Income for Naa Anveshana is his YouTube channel and Brand Sponsorship. His Net Worth is Estimated to be $250K. 

    Social Media

    The Social Media star personality has made his presence known. He has a huge social media following. Well, to know more one can easily visit his Social Handle. The social Media Id’s are mentioned below: 

    Social Media PlatformSocial Media HandleFollowers
    Instagram@naa_anveshana1.5 Million
    YouTube@NaaAnveshana2.04 Million
    Twitter (X) @Naaanveshana4.6K
    Facebook@Naa Anveshana373K

    Awards and Achievements

    Anvesh is a celebrity who has not gone unnoticed. The travel blogger has various achievements to his name. Some of them are as follows: 

    • His Vacation Vlogs have won various prestigious awards
    • He has been a hot topic in newspaper and magazine various times
    • In 2019, Anvesh was awarded with “Best Telugu YouTuber” 

    Unknown Facts

    Some of the Unknown facts and Unpopular trivia about Anvesh are as follows: 

    • Well, the YouTuber has also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. After reaching at the peak 5,642 cm he raised the National Flag and sang the National Anthem. 
    • He has been in the news recently, as he was reported to be chased by a crow for 7 days.   
    • Anvesh has created his own song “Anveshana Naa” 
    • He is a Traveler, Storyteller and also a Fitness freak. 


    Who is Naa Anveshana? The answer to this arisen question has been given above. He is a YouTuber, Traveler, Vlogger, and the Storyteller, He is a multi talented personality who is well known for his traveling vlogs. He has established himself as a household name in the Telugu YouTube community. Anvesh inspires the world wide audience with his creativity and hard work.