Memories help keep a bond alive and people close. In this modern world where we choose to keep all the memories in the phone or laptop. Keeping photo frames of your loved ones near you is an old but still a thoughtful thing to do. One may find the old photo frames style a little boring so to elevate the frames style one can shop for new types of frames. These frames will not only help you keep the loved person closed but will also elevate the overall decor of your room. 

    1. Gallery Wall

    Gallery wall is perfect to decorate your boring big walls with colourful memories. Select a lot of different custom photo frames varying in sizes and colours. You can make a theme of only black and white photos or make a mix of black and white and colourful photos together. It will create a unique style. Keep in mind about the frame colour depending on the kind of photos you are selecting. There are a lot of types of frames available. You can choose different types of frames and then place them together. This will complement your boring wall. You can also add fairy lights to it to make it look more beautiful.  The best part is that this can work as a good background for your future pictures.Arrange the frames in a grid for a clean, modern look, or create a more eclectic vibe by arranging them in a more organic pattern.

    2. Floating Shelves

    Floating shelves is a new interior decor for people who love keeping photo frames. It makes a boring looking frame unique and adds a charm to the wall. You can decorate the photo frame with other things like small vases, cute small statues, small plants and many more. Be as creative as you can be. You can choose textured frames or just use pop colour vases or statues when your frame colour is neutral.from your favorite destinations, paired with souvenirs or trinkets from those places.

    3. DIY Photo Ladder

    Photo Ladder is always  a unique and vintage way to display photos. It looks aesthetic and gives a cute cozy vibe at the same time. You can also keep small cages, wall hangers and other things to decorate the whole corner. The easiest and simplest way is to add small plants and fairy lights, it gives a vintage vibe and really looks beautiful and takes very little effort and is easy to create. To make the whole diy photo ladder look more beautiful, paint it any colour that will go with the whole look.

    4. Hanging Mobile

    For a whimsical touch, create a hanging mobile using custom photo frames. Use lightweight frames and attach them to a circular or linear base using transparent fishing line.To create the centre of attention, hang the mobile from the ceiling in one corner of the room. This unique display provides movement and visual interest to your home and is ideal for displaying images of your children or pets.


    Custom photo frames really make a big difference when you want to include a beautiful interior to your home without investing much money. Here are few ideas mentioned to make your home look beautiful. These ideas will help you elevate the overall look of your home. And will also help you get rid of keeping the photo frame in the same old and boring way.. Whether you want a simple look or a vintage one, you can easily create one without investing much money. So get creative and start showcasing your favourite photos with the help of zoomin. Check out their page and you will find some amazing photo frames that will match with your taste.