A rug is much more than just its mere look. It comes with optimal functionality, such as actively helping to take the pressure off your feet. Besides being beautiful interior decor, rugs can be a productive investment if we look into the bigger picture. There are various rugs available, floral and animal print design rugs are a few of them.

    Floral rugs are used in almost every other home because of the aura of sophistication and aesthetic they bring to a room. Although it’s true they may not fit in every home pattern, you will be amazed to know the diverse range of home patterns where these rugs may fit right. Along with these floral rugs, there are a variety of animal print design rugs that can elevate the look of your home.

    Let us know more about these rugs.

    7 Floral Print Design Rugs To Add To Your Home

    Here are our most favorite rugs from Rug and Home:

    1. Allure Alu-10 Team Rug

    This rug is made out of 100% polypropylene and comes with intricate, vivid designs. This kind of rug is usually apt for spaces where you expect heavy foot traffic. The best part about this is that you don’t need to go above and beyond to clean it. Rather, opt for occasional vacuuming so that the loose fibers can fall off.

    2. Durva Wool & Silk SC-70 Navy Rug

    As the name suggests, this rug is made from wool and silk exclusively from India. The unique feature of this rug is the intricate details it comes with along with a beautiful color palette. This rug also reflects the art from all angles.

    3. Aloha ALH31 Beige Area Rug

    This beautiful, sophisticated styled rug from the Aloha collection will charm up your space. This is one of the many floral rugs that is made from long-lasting polypropylene yarns that are fit for indoor space in an area where there is high traffic. This rug comes with a defined flower and vine pattern that is further complemented with an aesthetic touch to your balcony, patio, and porch.

    4. Retreat 81605GRN Green Rug

    People who are nature lovers can introduce this rug to their space as it comes with sharp botanical patterns. This rug is perfect for both indoor and outdoor areas. The soft tones of this rug go well with multiple styles. Some of the areas where you can use this rug are dining, sunroom, patio, and even entryway.

    5. Harbor 4250 Blue Tropical Rug

    The best feature of this harbor rug is that it is made from UV-treated polypropylene. With all the modern aesthetics today, these rugs fit most of the spaces well and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The beautiful designs will amaze your guests.

    6. Alexandria ALX-24 Light Blue Rug

    It is yet another beautiful floral rug that you can use in your home. This rug is made out of polypropylene exclusively from Turkey. The durability ensures the longevity of the rug. If your space is designed in some bold colors then this rug will perfectly fit the area and will overall elevate the look of your room.

    7. Michael Amini MA 30 Star SMRO3 Slate/Teal Rug

    As the name suggests, this rug is from the Michael Amini Star collection and comes with simple but very intricately designed patterns on it. The slate and teal color on this rug amplifies its aesthetic. It is one of the floral rugs that you can use in your room. One of the unique features of the rug is that it is made with a wide combination of wool, lurex, and silk-like Luxcelle to ensure durability.

    Ending Note!

    So, this was all about the floral print rugs that you can incorporate into your beautiful home. The next time you plan to place floral rugs in your home, think thoroughly about where you are going to place them. This is because rugs can be a game changer and hold the power to make or break the look of your room. Take multiple factors into consideration before reaching any conclusion.

    It is recommended that you don’t hide your beautiful floral rugs under a table or sofa set; rather, try placing them in the center, living room, or entryway. The whole point of doing this is to make the most out of these floral rugs. Also, if you wish to buy any of the gorgeous rugs from this blog, don’t forget to check out Rug and Home.